Thank you to everyone who makes our mission possible!

We are the result of collaboration between various organizations, the work of our team, and the support of our community.


At the Centre d'innovation en technologies multimédias et numériques (CITMN), the organization behind Tribùt, we believe in digital inclusion for all. The Tribùt experience is an excellent opportunity to combine art and technology to share Black history.

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RedActio's mission is to ensure the success of self-employed workers and small businesses in Quebec. Having inclusion at heart, RedActio is an exceptional collaborator for the Tribùt experience.

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Elite Consultation

Elite Consultation is a digital services agency for which inclusion, collaboration and innovation are key concepts. The Tribùt event is supported by Elite Consultation to ensure an impactful digital presence and contribute to public education on the true history of Black people in Quebec and Canada.

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Discover our partners and sponsors!

The organizations below support us so that we can offer you Tribùt, an immersive experience celebrating Black history.

Laval Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Laval Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIL) is one of the largest chambers in Quebec with more than 12,500 businesses on its territory.

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Partenaire officiel

Nos Jeunes à Cœur

Nos Jeunes à Cœur was created from the deep conviction that every young person deserves the same opportunities, regardless of their socio-economic situation.

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Fournisseur officiel

Chambre de commerce et d'industrie Laval

La Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Laval (CCIL) est l’une des plus grandes chambres du Québec avec plus 12 500 entreprises sur son territoire.

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Nos Jeunes à Cœur

Nos Jeunes à Cœur a été créé à partir de la conviction profonde que chaque jeune mérite les mêmes opportunités, indépendamment de sa situation socio-économique.

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Afro Youth Summit

The Afro Youth Summit network provides young people, particularly those from black communities, with opportunities for social and economic integration so that they can contribute to lasting change.

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Le Tiers Lieu

Le Tiers Lieu's mission is to activate the realization of impact projects via collective intelligence, by stimulating synergies, encouraging the social economy and offering inspiring places.

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At GEAK, we find a team of enthusiasts who listen to the needs of their customers and ensure that our event comes as close as possible to perfection.

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The LCDA Group

Centre Toussaint

The mission of the Centre Toussaint is to bring each individual closer to the Haitian identity and to promote personal development by offering various courses and activities in person and online.

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Black History Month

The mission of Black History Month is to promote awareness, appreciation and understanding of the rich and diverse contributions of Black Canadians to the cultural, social and historical fabric of Quebec and Canada as a whole.

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Basketball Laval

The mission of the Laval Basketball Association is to form teams in recreational and competitive categories. To do this, our experienced coaches will guide the athlete into the program that best suits their needs!

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Carrefour Artistique Unisson Ensemble

Audace au Féminin

Audace au Féminin offers solutions to stem systemic racism and the invisibility of Black Women in an inclusive and egalitarian approach. The organization highlights Black Women who shine in the shadows.

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Hoodstock's mission is to generate spaces for dialogue and mobilizing initiatives to eliminate systemic inequalities and develop supportive, inclusive, safe and dynamic communities.

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Chantier d'Afrique du Canada (CHAFRIC) supports people from ethnocultural minorities, particularly people of African origin by accompanying them in their process of social, cultural and economic integration in the host country. It is about offering them an optimal space for exchanges, mutual aid, consultation and solidarity actions.

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Jamaican Association of Montreal

The mission of the association is to contribute to improving the quality of life of the Jamaican community.

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Groove Station Canada

Groove Station Canada's mission is to promote culture, inform, train and entertain in a gathering space where everyone can express themselves and get involved with respect— especially our young people of the local community.

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